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Blue Line Transfer, Inc. is a full service public disposal and recycling facility. Our South San Francisco location is conveniently located one mile east of Highway 101.
Our disposal rates are the most competitive in the area. We use certified weigh scales to make sure you pay the fairest price. To learn more click on sections below.

Blue Line Transfer, Inc.
500 East Jamie Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080

No appointment necessary, but if you have questions, simply contact us today.

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Effective July 1, 2015
All loads entering our facility must be covered and secured (tarped and tied down). Any loads that arrive unsecured will be subjected to a $20 additional fee. No exceptions. Please help us keep our community and environment safe and clean.

Our certified weigh scale means no estimates are involved. You’ll only pay for the exact weight of what you’re disposing. Our rates vary according to material.

    • Minimum Charge $18
    • Clean Wood Waste $78 per ton
    • Clean Yard Waste $81 per ton
    • Dirt/Rock/Concrete $67 per ton
    • Garbage $90 per ton
    • Construction and Demolition $90 per ton

Questions? Contact us today.